Pitchers are designed to filter water on-the-go, removing contaminants to make the water drinkable. Sadly, this drinkable water is not always tasty.

This happens because not all pitchers can filter the water well enough to remove bad taste. Luckily, you can fix that with the best tasting water filter pitcher.

Best Tasting Water Filter Pitcher

The ideal pitcher removes most contaminants, including those that produce a bad smell, color, and, most importantly, taste. But it won’t be easy to pick a pitcher that meets these standards, though.

However, picking a pitcher that cleans the water and making it more pleasant will be a lot easier with our help. You’ll need to learn how they work and how to choose the right one. Below, we touch all that – so check it out!

What are Contaminants that Produce Bad Taste?

Bad taste in water comes from many different reasons. But the first one is obviously contamination.
Depending on the contaminant, however, the taste will change enormously. Below, we’ll show you the flavor that different pollutants cause in the water.


Lastly, you’re likely to get a slight smell of eggs or sulfur. This is a clear sign of hydrogen sulfide contamination. Also, when the water is filled with chloride ions, it will taste salty. These sulfates come from the soil, and it gets into the water when the liquid runs overground.


Water-treatment companies use chlorine to disinfect tap water that reaches your home. That’s why yours is likely to smell and taste of strong chemicals.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Another chemical contamination that causes a similar but more intense taste to chlorine is VOCs. These include formaldehyde, isoprene, methanol, and terpenes.

Heavy Metals

A metal tastes like metal. Things like lead, copper, arsenic, mercury, and iron will cause the water to taste metallic.


Zinc, magnesium, calcium, and potassium may cause an earthy and slightly metallic taste. These are usually healthy and don’t change the taste too much. But in significant quantities, they can.

Algae & Moss

If the water has a strong earthy flavor and fishy odor, it is likely to have algae and moss. This is a widespread taste as moss, algae, and similar contaminants tend to grow in water plumbing.

TDS Or Sediments

Similarly, dissolved solids and other sediments in the water may cause heavy, earthy flavors and odors. This often means the plumbing system is old or not maintained.

Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE)

Turpentine taste and the smell is clear sign of MTBE contamination. This includes byproducts of gasoline as well as detergents, inks, paints, and xylenes.

How Does a Pitcher Get Rid of Bad Taste?

Now that you have a clearer idea of what causes bad smell and taste on water, it is time to learn about the mechanisms that remove it. Here we present the different ways a pitcher can get rid of taste:

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

This system is composed of several stages at once. The water goes through and leaves TDS, VOCs, minerals, chlorine, and sediment behind. That’s why RO is one of the best options for giving the water a great taste. Sadly, it is not standard for pitchers, which is a pity.


Another common way to eliminate minerals from water is by using ion-exchanged filters. These also remove limescale and some sediments.
This type of filter uses an ion-exchange resin that captures the minerals and sediments in the water that cause salty or earthy flavors.

Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

Carbon is a typical filter material because it absorbs chemicals, heavy metals, and small microorganisms. It is often recommended for people who want to give a better taste to their water.
While carbon works well to remove taste and odor, it may leave its own taste behind. Carbon could cause a slightly earthy flavor on the water.

Sediment (TDS)

Also known as the mechanical filter, it is usually made of mesh-like materials that can capture large dissolved solids and sediment. Some of these filters are made of coconut fiber.
By removing TDS and sediments, mechanical filters can reduce earthy and algae flavors from the water.


Hard ceramic mesh or casing is also useful for removing contaminants from the water. It can tackle sediments, dirt, and debris, as well as some bacteria and viruses.
Ceramic filters are generally useful for water that tastes fishy or earthy.


By using electrolytes, an alkaline filter separates acidic components from the alkaline ones. This is an excellent way to add minerals back into the water and raising the pH.
If the water went through a reverse osmosis system, then giving some of the taste back with an alkaline filter is always helpful. These are not common on pitchers, either.

Best Tasting Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

After in-depth and focused research, we found a few pitchers that clean the water while making it taste well enough. They won’t necessarily make the water delicious but will prevent unwanted experiences. Here’s everything to know about them:

1. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Supreme


Making water tastier doesn’t have to be expensive. The filter pitcher from Nakii makes it possible to eliminate all unwanted contaminants while giving your water a decent taste for cheap.
It’s Supreme Filtration system boasts an Activated Carbon Fiber that removes chlorine and mercury. This will give your water a more natural taste, removing the most common chemical contaminants as well as strong metals. Sure enough, it will also remove sediments, rust, and even limescale from the liquid.

This filter is not only effective at cleaning water and making it better-tasting, but it also stands out for its ability to last. Despite being a 7.5-cup (0.5 gallons) pitcher, it comes with a filter that can handle 150 gallons of water before needing a replacement. In short, you can process 300 full pitchers with this filter.

Another excellent advantage of the filter is a quick capacity. You won’t have to wait 10 minutes for the water to go through. Thanks to the Fast Flow Rate design, it can process 0.3 gallons of water per minute (more than half the pitcher).

The design is decently convenient as well, boasting a side handle with a wooden grip. This should ensure maximum safety when pouring. Along with the easy-to-remove lid, operating this pitcher won’t be much of a problem.

Keep In Mind

The handle is excellent in terms of grip. But it feels flimsy and uncomfortable to use. When the pitcher is full, pouring and moving it around can be a bit challenging. Luckily, it doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the filtering and how well it makes water taste.

2. Brita Everyday Pitcher

Brita Everyday Pitcher

Among the very few brands you should always trust, Brita stands out as one of the best. The Everyday pitcher is a perfect example of why. The pitcher is seamlessly good-looking. It boasts a small design that fits almost anywhere. And most importantly, its filter works like a charm.

At first, you’ll notice it is decently large at 10 cups of water capacity. That should be enough to fill several bottles of water with one filtering process.

But the size and design are not what set this pitcher apart. The main benefit comes from a super-effective filter. Despite being small, it can eliminate all unwanted contaminants, going from mercury to cadmium, copper, chlorine, benzene, sediments, and much more.

A thing that produces unwanted taste will be something the filter gets rid of. And with this effectiveness comes a durable product capable of filtering up to 120 gallons of water. That’s about 6 months of durability. Along with the sticker indicator that tells you when to replace, this is a filter not to dismiss.

The pitcher is still a piece of cake to handle. Thanks to the side grip, you can grab it and move it around without much effort. It is a large and comfy handle all around.
The lid doesn’t stay behind. It comes with a crevice from which you can remove it quickly. Along with the wide and non-obtrusive spout, you can pour water without making a mess.

Keep In Mind

While it gets rid of all the unwanted contaminants in the water that could add a bad taste, the filter works super-slow. You will have to wait about 10 minutes for the filtered water to fill the pitcher. Rest assured, though, because the water will be spotless and a pleasure to drink.

3. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

 ZeroWater ZP-010

A simple design with effective filtering never disappoints. The ZP-010 from ZeroWater offers such an advantage, delivering one of the comfiest pitchers along with a contaminant-free filter experience.

It all starts with the 5-stage filtration. In contrast with other pitchers, this one boasts every single type of filter necessary to clean the water away from contaminants and give it a more pleasant taste. This includes an ACF (activated carbon), a TDS, an ion-exchange, a standard carbon, and a top mesh.

The filter capacity is so adequate that it will remove 99% of all contaminants. And with such effectiveness, it can clean up to 20 gallons of water in dirty areas. In places with cleaner water, it can last 40 gallons or more.

On top of all that, it is a practical pitcher. You get a comfortable grip for easy handling, a top TDS meter holder, and a push-to-dispense spigot. Getting the most out of this pitcher won’t be hard.

The 10-cup doesn’t stay behind. Along with heavy-duty plastic construction, the pitcher can handle years of use without a single problem. And it will be light enough to move around with ease.

Keep In Mind

After a week or two, the filter will stop removing contaminants and leaving a bad taste on the water. This means you will have to replace it. Such a short filter lifespan is because it removes most contaminants from the water like no other. You can expect clean water when it is still working.

4. AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher With Advanced XL Filter

AquaBliss Water Filter Pitcher

Making your water taste better doesn’t have to be complicated. The standard water pitcher from AquaBliss will remove all contaminants while giving a superior taste to your water.
It boasts an Advanced XL Filter, a patented version from AquaBliss that gives a fresher taste to the water. This filter also removes odors and colors. Thanks to its ability to remove copper, chlorine, zinc, and all kinds of sediments, you can start drinking healthier and tastier water.

The filter is decently durable nonetheless. It can clean 80 gallons of water before wearing out. That’s enough to reach 4 months of consistent use.

Similarly, the filter works super-fast. You won’t have to wait for more than a couple of minutes for the filter to do its job.

Using the pitcher won’t be a problem either. The jug comes with a practical handle and lid design, specifically designed to make the filling and pouring a lot easier. You can expect little to no mess when using this pitcher.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you still get a low-profile design that fits almost anywhere. You’ll have no limits to where you can place this pitcher. It is also light enough so you can transport it around without taking much space.

Keep In Mind

The rubber gasket at the bottom tends to slide off consistently. This could cause unwanted slippage and unstable movements when using. But if you remove the gasket or use the jug with more care, then you will enjoy its fantastic filtering without much of a problem.

5. Waterdrop Chubby WD-PT-04B Water Filter Pitcher

Waterdrop Chubby

Taking the quality of construction, filter durability, and ease of use to another level, the Chubby pitcher from Waterdrop will give your water a better taste with little to no drawbacks to worry about.

Before we get into details, you need to know it boasts a 7-stage filter. It is certified by the NSF 42. It ensures maximum water-cleaning capacity, reducing contaminants from fluoride, lead, arsenic, and chlorine. Your water will taste a lot better after going through this pitcher.

The filter is still long-lasting. It can handle 200 gallons of water without a problem. That could give you over 6 months of full use, even if you use it daily. Considering it comes with an intelligent LED indicator that tells you when the filter needs to be replaced, you will love how efficient this pitcher is.

All of that matches the BPA-free and sturdy plastic quality. It will give the water a better taste while preventing common plastic chemicals from affecting it. And it is so sturdy that you can use it with water from 41 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using the pitcher won’t be much of a problem, either. It is small, easy to handle, holds up to 10 cups of water, and works seamlessly for pouring. The pitcher even comes with a secured lid that prevents dust and debris from getting in and a comfy wooden handle that makes pouring even easier.

Finally, you can enjoy the 3 filter colors available: White, Clear, and Blue. There’s no reason to avoid this pitcher.

Keep In Mind

While the LED indicator tells when it’s time to change the filter, it is not the most reliable indicator. We found that after several days of use, the indicator broke and stopped working. Luckily, that’s nothing to worry about, considering how durable and effective the filter is.

6. Epicwater Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epicwater Epic Pure

Filtering efficiency comes from putting the right types of filters together. Epicwater does precisely that with the Epic Pure, ensuring an almost perfect-tasting water result.
It all starts with a PFAS water filter. It removes all the most common chemicals that cause unwanted taste and odors. Then you can find the chlorine filter, eliminating all chloramines without a drawback. And with the thick carbon filter, you can say goodbye to bacteria, lead, fluoride, and chemicals.

That’s not all, though. The filter also includes a dioxane stage and a haloacetic acid (HAA) filter. Together, they remove the most problematic chemicals to get rid of.

This filter is long-lasting as well. You can enjoy up to 150 gallons of water before replacing it. Considering it can handle 10 cups (0.6 gallons) of water, then you can get at least 200 fillings of the pitcher before that happens.

You can also find a digital indicator on top. It will help you know when it is time to replace the filter.

It is a practical filter, nonetheless. The small design, silicone handle, and stable shape will pour, handle, and store super-easy. This goes well with the easy-flip lid and a water dam, ensuring easy filling as well as secure spill-free handling.

Last but not least, the construction is sturdy enough to handle years of use, smooth to make cleaning easy, and clear so you can always watch how much water there’s left inside. You won’t find a single thing to complain about this pitcher.

Keep In Mind

While the pitcher makes everything a lot more effective and easier than usual, finding a replacement filter can be difficult and expensive. However, if you are willing to pay for the price, you will love how well it filters to give a unique water taste.

7. EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

EHM Ultra Premium

It is not necessary to have a complex filter system to remove taste-inducing contaminants. The Ultra-Premium filter from EHM makes that a reality.

Thanks to a 6-stage filter cartridge, the pitcher removes almost all kinds of contaminants, going from heavy metals to sediment, chemicals, and any other unwanted particle. But most importantly, it sets the pH of the water to 10, adding up a more general taste filled with minerals.

This is only possible thanks to an alkaline filter. It brings backwater with no free radicals or toxins by filling it with antioxidants. You could say this pitcher helps to make water tastier and healthier at the same time. And lastly, you can enjoy the micro-clustering system that produces easy-to-absorb water.

Another feature worth mentioning is the 16-cup (1 gallon) capacity. It can handle a lot of water at once, helping you drink clean and tasty water for an entire day with just one fill.

The overall design of the pitcher is also worth mentioning. You won’t have any problem handling it around and placing it inside the fridge if needed.

And with the quality plastic construction, you can enjoy BPA-free and clean water every time. You won’t have to worry about unwanted chemicals in your drinking water.

Keep In Mind

The lid on the pitcher can be difficult to put in place correctly. And most importantly, it doesn’t seal the pitcher completely, causing leaks and spillage when moved. However, you can always prevent that by moving it carefully, so none of the pristine and tasty water from the filter gets wasted.

8. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

 Clearly Filtered

Cheap pitchers are ideal if you’re not looking for the best filtering capacity. But when you do, you must consider a pitcher with a slightly higher price – like this one from Clearly Filtered.
Compared to competitors, the higher price comes from removing over 230 chemicals, metals, and sediments that other pitchers don’t. This includes all those contaminants that may cause unwanted taste, making the water more pleasant to consume.

This filter is durable as well. You can filter a total of 100 gallons before replacing it. Considering how well it filters, this is a very long-lasting filter to have.

Another feature that increases the price is high-quality construction. Every single part of this pitcher is built to last. And most importantly, it is wholly food-grade and BPA-free, ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and more rewarding water-drinking experience.

The design doesn’t stay behind, either. You can enjoy a comfy handle for easy operation. Along with the easy-to-remove lid, you can pour water inside with little effort.Add the 10-cup (0.6 gallons) design. It will make your water-filtering experience a lot better. You won’t have to be continually filling it up to enjoy clean and tasty water.

Keep In Mind

The design doesn’t release pressure, which could cause problems when pouring. You will have to be extra careful when using it. Considering how well it filters the water, it is an excellent product all around, as long as you use it with care.

Water Filter Pitcher for Better Taste: Buying Guide

The only way to get the best tasting water filter pitcher is to know what you’re getting. If you aren’t sure of what pitcher to go for, the following guide may help you out:

Filter Type

First and foremost: what type of filter does the pitcher offer?

If you want to remove the water’s bad taste, you will need to get one of the filters or stages mentioned above.

Your focus should be on getting as many types of filters or stages as possible. This will remove the contaminants that cause bad taste and ultimately give you precisely what you are looking for: pleasant-to-drink water.

Filter Durability

It is not only about the filter effectiveness, though. You also want a filter that can last. And for that, you’ll have to consider how many gallons it can tackle before it needs to be replaced.
We typically recommend 100 to 200 gallons for the best experience. You could get between 3 to 6 months (or more) from one of these filters.

But don’t overlook filters with less lifespan than that. Those low-durability filters are usually pretty effective as well (sometimes more than long-lasting ones). Just make sure it can last a month, at least.

Pitcher Capacity & Size

How much water do you want to store in the pitcher? Most models offer between 7 and 12 cups of water capacity, that’s about 0.4 to 0.8 gallons of water. You can get anywhere from 5 to 10 glasses of water accordingly.

Be aware that overall pitcher capacity also affects the size of the pitcher. You don’t want a product that eventually feels bulky and difficult to fit inside the fridge.

Ease Of Use & Convenience

Like picking a pitcher that holds enough water, you want one that makes pouring, storing, and filling easy. For that, go for wide-open spouts, secure lids with damps that prevent spillage, and comfortable handles so you can move the pitcher around with no trouble.

Low-profile designs are also worth considering, as they take less space than typical pitchers. And if you want to prevent accidents, go for models with rubber bottoms that increase safety when using.

Construction Quality

Lastly, you should never overlook the overall quality of the pitcher. This includes the type of material (plastic or glass), the thickness, and different parts that could add to durability and resilience.

Don’t forget to consider the operating temperature range, either. Some pitchers can handle below-zero and hundreds of degrees of temperature. These can be pretty helpful for filtering hot water or placing the product in the freezer when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Once you’ve read our reviews, buying guide, and info section, you’re prepared to get a water pitcher. But you may still have a few questions roaming around that we didn’t answer before. The following section may give you the answer you need.

Does filtered water from a pitcher taste better?

As long as the filter on the pitcher removes the contaminants that are causing the taste, yes. That’s why we often recommend knowing what flavor you want to remove, linking it to the pollutant that causes it, and then pick a pitcher that removes that contaminant.

Are there contaminants that don’t have a taste?

Most viruses and bacteria don’t have smell, taste, or color. They are so small that they go unnoticed. Even water tester sticks are incapable of noticing these contaminants. It is heavily recommended to do a lab test on your tap water to ensure there aren’t undetectable and dangerous contaminants in it.

Is Brita better than Zero Water?

There’s no exact way to respond to this because it depends on your specific needs and desires. Brita is an excellent pitcher brand that removes odor and taste. Zero Water removes taste more effectively than Brita but may leave some smells behind.

Are faucet filters better than pitchers to fix taste?

Most of the time, yes. Filters connected to faucets and plumbing systems directly often remove more contaminants due to the pressure they’re subjected to. At the same time, these filters tend to be more long-lasting.

However, they don’t offer the portability, convenience, and ease of use of a pitcher. And the installation can be costly as well.

How to use a water filter pitcher?

Using a pitcher is a no-brainer in most cases. Here’s a quick step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Start by cleaning the pitcher thoroughly. It is probably dirty, dusty, and possibly filled with unwanted preserving chemicals after it arrives at home. Remove the filter and then use soap and a sponge with warm water to clean. Leave it to dry.
  2. Once it is dry, proceed to open the lid on the pitcher. All pitchers have different lid mechanisms. Find the ideal way to do so. Now you should install the filter (if it is not installed yet).
  3. With the filter in and the lid open, you can start filling it. The water should begin dropping from the top dam where the filter is to the lower part of the pitcher. This water below is the one you’re going to consume.
  4. The filtering process usually happens within 15 and 2 minutes per half a gallon of water. Wait until it all filters and consume.

As you can see, the process is a piece of cake, to say the least. So there’s nothing to worry about when using a water filter pitcher.


Drinking dirty and unhealthy water is always dangerous. But most importantly, it is often gross and unpleasant. The taste of this type of water will eventually make you drink less water and possibly cause diseases.

With the best tasting water filter pitcher, you can change that. Follow our advice and recommendations on this article for that. You won’t have to test hundreds of different pitchers to pick a product that works. With this article, you should be able to get precisely what you need.

If you’re tired of drinking untasteful water, then you know the solution. What are you waiting for then?