A water filter pitcher is probably the EASIEST WAY to filter your tap water. There’s no competitor.

You pour the water in and the gravity pushes the water down through a filter media that cleans out bacteria, metals, and other contaminants.

The result? Drinkable water directly from any source.

But are water filter pitchers that good? How do you decide whether it’s worth a try? And how do you even pick one?

All these questions and more we answer below. Check it out!

What is a Water Filter Pitcher Exactly?

A water filter pitcher sits on your kitchen counter or refrigerator. It’s pretty much a pitcher – either large or small – with an additional pitcher inside.

The sole focus is to provide a convenient way to filter water without using expensive or complex appliances (like under-sink filters).

And guess what – water filter pitchers do a tremendous job.

You get drinking water that is safe to consume without being exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals (like chlorine or mercury). And if that wasn’t enough, you get a better living thanks to better water that’s a pleasure to drink.

How Does a Water Filter Work?

The process typically consists of a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) media that ABSORBS all the contaminants that try to go through.

It is called an adsorption mechanism. The media is located in a filter cartridge, typically in the middle of the pitcher. As you pour water into it, the contaminants slowly stay trapped in the media.

This could take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. It depends on the type of pitcher you have.

Every drop of water under the filter will be clean, ready to be consumed.

Top Benefits of Using a Water Pitcher

When we say that water filter pitchers were the easiest way to filter water – we weren’t joking. But there’s a lot more to enjoy.

Here are some extra benefits to consider:

  • Better-Tasting Water – Anyone who’s ever tasted water from contaminated sources knows how it can affect flavor. And it’s always unpleasant.
  • Healthier Water – Most pitchers remove sediment, chemicals, and metals from the water so you can drink it without a single worry in the short or long term.
  • Less Installation – You won’t have to do any type of installation as water filter pitchers are ready to clean your water as soon as they arrive home.
  • Easy Operation – Pour water inside the pitcher, let the filter clean the water, and proceed with the drinking. That’s everything you need to enjoy clean water.

Did we mention you can preserve your drinkable water in the refrigerator after filtering it? That’s another worthwhile advantage to consider – as pitchers are multi-functional this way.

What is the Best Water Pitcher Brand?

When you look into the pitcher market, you realize there are HUNDREDS of different brands out there. Some of them are good enough, while others are deceptively horrendous.

Here, we want to talk about the BEST ONE. A water filter pitcher brand that will leave no space for dirtiness in your water.

It’s called ZeroWater.

Why is it the best water pitcher brand? Some reasons to consider:

  • Removes most TDS (total dissolved solids) from water
  • Gets rid of arsenic better than other filters
  • Decently affordable despite the excellent quality
  • Improves water taste exponentially
  • Includes a 5-stage filtration system in every pitcher
  • Comes with NSF certifications with independent tests
  • Tends to provide longer-lasting pitchers

You pretty much get EVERYTHING you need from ZeroWater water pitchers. And there’s still a lot more you can enjoy – like good-looking pitchers as well as comfortable designs to enjoy.

What else is there to look for?

How to Pick a Water Filter Pitcher?

Let’s say you aren’t convinced about ZeroWater water filter pitchers. You decide to look for other options, but you have no idea what to look for.

Don’t worry… You just need to consider these factors:

Filter Performance

Many pitchers come with the typical granular activated carbon (GAC) and nothing else. Others come with carbon and 2 more stages. While a tiny number of others may offer up to 5 stages, including the GAC media.

Guess which one is better at filtering contaminants? Obviously, the 5-stage one.

That’s what you should focus on. Getting as many filtering stages as you can, especially in places where water tends to be dirty (and filled with anything from heavy metals like lead to sediment).

But you don’t have to go all the way to 5-stage filters unnecessarily. Some models offer 3-stage filtration that also gets the job done.

CONSIDER THIS: Single-stage filters are not bad per se, but they remove half the contaminants a large model does. So be careful.

Filter Lifespan

Most water filter pitchers use cartridges. These filtering cartridges stop working after a specific amount of water has gone through the media.

You’ll see how some offer about 40 cups of total filtering capacity which may last anywhere from a week to several months. Others will offer 200 cups of total filtered water before you need a change.

Size and Capacity

How much water do you drink daily? More importantly, how many people do?

The first thing you need to study is whether the pitcher is large enough. Here, you will need to consider the size of gallons or cups.

Most designs offer 5 cups of water capacity (single users), while others can handle over 10 cups at once (ideal for families). If you want more convenience, go for a 20-cup pitcher or bigger – they’re often super-helpful.  

So, what are you choosing? Don’t make a mistake (you won’t like your water to taste bad and feel dirty later).

Comfort and Ease of Use

Not all water pitchers have the same shape or design.

Some will be like a typical pitcher, with a handle and a spout – small enough to fit on your refrigerator.

Others boast a larger design with no handles. These are typically static but can often hold a lot more water. You can pour the filtered water on the glass using an activation button.

The largest ones come with gigantic designs made for countertops. You will likely enjoy a ton of water capacity but without any mobility.

What works better for your needs? Choose accordingly.

Get Your Own Water Filter Pitcher Today!

The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for an easy way to drink healthier tap water at home or at work, then investing in a water filter pitcher might be worth considering!