Not all RO systems are created equal. Some RO systems are small under-the-counter systems designed to provide drinking water at a single tap. They work great but won’t meet all your filtration needs.

Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

On the other hand, a whole-house reverse osmosis system is installed on your main water line and has the capacity to provide you with purified water at every tap.

It may be more expensive than other types of filters, but it is a powerful way to eliminate up to 99.9% of toxins and particulate matter in your water.

To find the best whole house reverse osmosis system, you’ll need to think about your water source, water pressure, and demand, as well as what features you’re looking for. We’re here to make sure that you have all the information you need to make your decision.

Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

WECO HydroSense Reverse Osmosis System

Best for Ultrafiltration
  • Four-step filtration including a sediment pre-filter activated carbon pre-filters, reverse osmosis membrane, and inline carbon absorption post-filter
  • Automatic electric booster pumps with pressure systems enhance system operation
  • comes with four pressure booster pumps

ISpring RCS5T High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

On-demand Drinking Water
  • 5-stage filtration system to remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, pesticides, thms, pfoas, and pfos
  • Patented Dual-Flow RO membrane to save more water
  • tankless system offers on-demand drinking water

APEC Top Tier Alkaline PH+ Reverse Osmosis System

Filter contaminants
  • 6-stage system removes chemicals, micro-organisms, and odors
  • Features APEC calcium carbonate cartridge to increase the water pH
  • Equipped with matching stylish faucet

How to Choose Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Searching for the best whole-house reverse osmosis water filtration system may even be more of a challenge than installing one.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis System

Whether you’re looking for something just for your home or actually need it for a larger corporate setting, we’ve got you covered.

By knowing the most important features, operating parameters, and product information to look for, you’ll be ready to make a smart, well-informed decision on your purchase.

Electric Booster Pumps

With some of the more expensive models that can produce over a hundred gallons daily, there is usually a device to increase water pressure.

These amazing electric pumps help keep the system working at maximum capacity. If your water is not up to the necessary pressure, these boosters will work even better than a mechanical ‘permeate pump.’

Our topmost choice comes with as many as four pumps, greatly enhancing whole-house reverse osmosis performance.

Drain Ratio

The first hesitation that people have when buying an RO system is that they will be wasting too much water.

Most RO systems produce a large amount of wastewater (several gallons) just to give you a single clean gallon. However, the best whole-house reverse osmosis water filtration systems we showcase have just a 1:1 waste to pure water ratio.

This is due to the advanced RO membranes used (for example, the dual-flow membranes for the iSpring RCS5T model) and the pressure-increasing booster and permeate pumps.

Number Of Stages

We have several five-stage whole-house RO systems that will serve your need for pure, odorless water more than adequately.

Water filter stage

Many of the carbon filters also use coconut carbon, which makes them more environment-friendly. The final stage often makes the water even finer than bottled water or around 0 ppm, depending on your initial water quality.

Expect a 99.5% difference in your water with a five-stage system!

A few RO systems on our list do have either three or four stages. These may not be up to par with the mentioned five-stage systems and work great, especially if you are on a budget.

Tanked Or Tankless

Tankless models work best for smaller households that don’t have the necessary space to install a large tank under the sink.

Tap water is filtered and immediately ready to be enjoyed. Larger corporate settings will benefit from a tanked system since such systems often have a higher capacity and can store some water quantity before it’s ready to be consumed.

Filter Size

Almost every RO filtration system comes with 10” filters, which is the standard size. However, a few models come with larger filters (including the 20” filters for the iSpring RCB3P).

Such ‘oversized’ filters give a larger surface area for filtering the same amount of water, thereby trapping twice as many contaminants. This also helps reduce the waste to pure water ratio, so many people are concerned about it.

Alkaline PH Enhancement

While most buyers are happy with their RO system, others want to replace the good minerals that have also been removed from their water.

The right amount of calcium can be safely added with an alkaline pH cartridge, which also softens your water. While you may not exactly want ‘mineral water,’ this feature can also help neutralize slightly acidic water.

Water at neutral pH is always the best to drink.

Best Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

Once you and your family members have one of these whole-house RO systems in your home, you will be wondering why you didn’t get one earlier.

1. WECO HydroSense Reverse Osmosis System

WECO HydroSense

The WECO Hydrosense is one of the most sensible options for a whole-house reverse osmosis system. Its high water pressure and max TDS even make it the good whole house reverse osmosis system for well water without extra treatment.

Most models come with jato-type compression fittings that are a challenge to install. The WECO comes with quick-connect fittings that install much faster so you can enjoy unlimited clean water sooner than you expect.

Optimal Four-Stage Filtration

With a product like WECO HydroSense, you can expect the most exceptional features like a UV sanitizer and high-gradeTFC reverse osmosis.

The first pre-filter, a 5-micron polypropylene (PP) layer, removes sediment, rust, and microscopic debris 5 microns or higher in your water.

Next, 5-micron solid activated carbon block cartridges remove up to 99% of chlorine, chloramine, taste and odors, pesticides, and carcinogens in your water, making it super safe to drink.

After this process is done twice, getting rid of all volatile organic compounds, the water gets passed through a standard 1812 thin-film composite (TFC) RO membrane.

This further removes up to 99.5% of molecular contaminants like nitrate, TDS, fluoride, lead, sodium, and mercury, among many others.

The result is odorless, colorless water that tastes pure beyond belief.

Standard RO Membranes

Made of powder-coated steel, this filtration system uses only the best RO membranes designed to reduce dissolved mineral content (TDS) in the water.

Its spiral-wound construct has the maximum surface area for cleaning the water while reducing waste.

Most RO systems are capable of filtering around 50-100 GPD at most. This one filters up to 500 GPD, making it suitable for corporate or laboratory settings.

It uses five 1812 standard residential membranes, which can also be easily found in any hardware store, making replacement simple and convenient. The membrane is also known to yield a 1:1 permeate to wastewater ratio, saving you lots on your water bill.

Booster Pump Included

This amazing system comes with four pressure booster pumps, which is more than any other system we’ve encountered.

The automated water pressure sensors and boosters function at maximum capacity to produce 500 gallons per day. They also make sure that the system is working smoothly at its fullest potential.

Why We Love It

It offers state-of-the-art filtration at 50 GPD to accommodate you and your entire family. Works great at removing particles and micro-organisms as well as softening water.

Keep In Mind

This filter is definitely among the priciest but worth it for how long it lasts and how well it can transform your water.

2. ISpring RCS5T High Flow Reverse Osmosis System

ISpring RCS5T

The iSpring RCS5T gives you the greatest value at the most reasonable price you can expect. Its high-quality five-stage filtration process removes over 99% of common pollutants, microbial organisms, and chemicals to give you enjoyably drinkable water.

It also helps you save water with a 1:1 drain ratio, so you don’t have to worry about wasting as much water as you would with most other RO systems.

1:1 Drain Ratio

This is one hard-working RO system that will impress you with its economy and efficiency.

Its patented dual-flow membrane works differently from other RO membranes, enabling it to produce up to 500 gallons of pure water per day at a 1:1 waste to pure water ratio.

This feature is something you won’t find in most other models. A booster pump also keeps the RCS5T working at full speed with the least waste possible. Having a pump also lets the RO system work under pressures as low as 25 psi.

The result is copious amounts of freshwater free of chlorine, hardness, heavy metals, and other impurities.

Ultra-High Capacity Five-Stage Filtration

This highly effective filtration method starts with a 10-inch, 5-micron PP sediment pre-filter, removing dust, silt, and other small particles from your water.

The actual treatment happens when the water gets passed through GAC (granular activated carbon) also 5-micron pores to get rid of unpleasant odors, chlorine, and other chemical impurities.

The third and fourth stages involve two CTO carbon blocks (5 microns) to remove residual chlorine, bad tastes, with increasingly smaller pores. The fifth stage involves total polishing of water to remove all residue traces for up to 99.5% water purity.

Compact Tankless System

This tankless system gives you the advantage of having on-demand drinking water while conserving your under-sink space.

If you prefer to add a pressure tank to increase flow, there is also the option to do that with different sized tanks.

Choose from the smallest tank for larger families or the largest tanks for restaurant and office buildings. You’ll be glad to know that your electric and physical footprint can be reduced while using this RO system.

Why We Love It

This model really helps you save money both on itself and on how much water you use. It also uses a five-stage process of optimally clean water free of contaminants.

Keep In Mind

Slightly slower than the previous brand in terms of max TDS and feed water pressure. Shorter filter life of 2600 gallons, which is still not so bad considering the filters are easy to change and affordable.

3. Express Water 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

 Express Water 5 Stage

The Express Water 5-stage RO system is the best quality whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system you can get. At the most affordable pricing, it boasts a five-stage filtration process leaving your water crystal clear, considerably high capacity, and NSF certification. Along with its simply Quick-Connect system, what’s not to love?

5 Stages of Pure

High-grade contaminant removal meets environmental conservation in this brilliant filtration system. The first stage is a regular PP sediment filter, which filters dust, dirt, and rust, among other particles.

The second and third stages involve using carbon block and granular carbon filters to remove volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, and odors. These early treatment stages make way for the fourth stage, the actual RO process, and prolong the filter’s life.

This model’s RO membrane eliminates up to 99.5% of hard-to-remove chemicals such as lead, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, etc., as well as bacteria.

The fifth and final stage is a post-activated carbon filter which ‘polishes’ and perfects your water. The use of coconut carbon filters gives water a natural taste and goes towards sustaining the environment.

Long-Lasting Performance

Don’t let its affordable price fool you. This model has been tried and tested for several things, including contaminant removal, leakage, and water pressure limit. The NSF certification (Standard 58) for system construction proves its lead-free construction, reliability, and high capacity to remove dissolved solids.

Air injection and water pressure tests show that it can withstand high pressure without leaking. Cycle resistance tests involve simulated heavy use. Products that pass this test have proven they can handle anything.

Double sealed filters also enhance durability and filtration efficiency. To further safeguard your product, a leak-stop valve and storage tank are also included. The valve halts water flow in case of excess water, protecting your filter from damage.

Easy to Install

While most RO systems require expert plumbers to install, the Quick Connect system is easy for inexperienced nurses.

A labeled color-match system lets you know where each tube should go, following detailed manual instructions.

The feed adapter also fits both 1/2” and 3/8” under-sink pipes, which is very convenient. Brass feed adapter and quick-connect adapter are included when you purchase this model, which also saves you a shopping trip.

Why We Love It

This is one of the most affordable best whole-house reverse osmosis systems, complete with a 5-stage water cleaning process. For its price, it still efficiently delivers 50 GPD.

Keep In Mind

Besides the fact that it doesn’t have any fancy features, like a UV sanitizer, this model doesn’t deserve any complaints. It’s really an awesome filter at an unbelievable price.

4. ISpring RCB3P Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System

ISpring RCB3P

This RCB3P model belonging to the iSpring series is specifically designed for larger industrial or hospital settings. It is designed for high feed pressure with oversized pre-filters for twice the performance capacity.

It also runs via a five-stage filtration system that eliminates all harmful impurities, leaving only pure water behind.

Modeled for Self-Efficiency

This amazing model comes with a built-in booster pump that raises the water pressure to the optimal water purification level to take place with ease. The waste to pure water ratio is also reduced in this way.

It is compatible with most pressurized storage tanks, which are necessary for it to work. 3/8” fitting connections allow faster water flow. The pressure gauge also allows you to easily monitor pressure changes and signals when you need to change your pre-filters.

Double Performance via Oversized Pre-Filters

Most RO systems come with a 10” filter, which is the standard size. iSpring filters, however, come with oversized 20” pre-filters, which trap twice as many contaminants.

This gives the model an upper hand when used in larger facilities, including restaurants, offices, and laboratories. Of course, an oversized filter also means more filtration using the same amount of water, so less water is wasted.

The downside is that more space is needed, but there is nothing to worry about with this system if you have that.

Five Stage Filtration

Stage one effectively removes visible sediments, sand, and various particles.

Stage two and three consists of activated carbon blocks (GAC and CTO), which remove chlorine, tastes and odors, cloudiness, and colors, followed by chloramine and VOCs.

Stage four consists of producing bottled-quality water up to 300 GPD. The fifth (post-carbon) stage removes residual tastes and odors from the tank, prolonging its life and efficiency.

Why We Love It

It contains a booster pump to increase water pressure, 3/8” fittings for faster flow, and a pressure gauge allowing you to monitor your filter.

Keep In Mind

Requires a pressurized storage tank, which is not included with the product. It takes up a lot of space as it is ideal for commercial settings.

5. Purify Guru Smart Reverse Osmosis Filter System

Purify Guru Smart

Separating the two and using RO when needed extends the filter’s lifetime, which may or may not be what you’re looking for.

The Purify Guru represents a new class of RO filtration systems that provide great tasting, toxic-free water and save you time and money from your water bill.

An added perk is that it also lets you know exactly when you need to change your filter and does a profound job removing impurities to make your water clean and wholesome. It’s definitely a sound choice to make for your health and your family’s.

Four Stage Filtration

The simple four-stage filtration this model uses is quite astonishing in its effectiveness. The first filter (PP cotton) is a universal model that removes sedimentation and larger micro-organisms.

The second filter, CTO activated carbon, deals with calcium and magnesium ions and hard water. The third filter further removes microscopic debris and chemicals from the water.

The final stage, coconut shell carbon, improves the water’s taste and portability.

Smart Appliance

This RO system is the closest you’ll get today to a ‘smart’ RO system. By that, we’re talking about a built-in monitoring device and the smart digital panel.

These give you an indication of the filter’s lifespan, alerting you when you need to change. The panel will actually alert you when your filter needs to be replaced. It also helps prevent filter blocking, pressure imbalance, TDS creep, or overload on the system.

Furthermore, a dual filtration mode extends the lifespan of your RO membrane. The way it works is that your system will come with two switches, one for purified water and one for pure. The first will be filtered by the first and second filters, while the latter will go through all filters.

You’ll be surprised by how important these features are once you start using them.

Top-Grade Construction

Certification from both the Standards Council of Canada and the American National Standards Institute testifies this RO system’s high quality.

Using universal filters that can be easily and cheaply replaced, the actual system will last at least a decade.

High amounts of chromium and nickel give the 304 stainless steel material corrosion resistance properties for unbeatable durability. You can trust this model as being the best reverse osmosis system for whole-house usage.

Why We Love It

Highly effective and accredited four-stage filtration system made using food-grade 304 stainless steel. Very convenient to use.

Keep In Mind

This model is quite hard to assemble and install on your own. Not all of it is RO; there is also a rough filtration system.

6. APEC Top Tier Alkaline PH+ Reverse Osmosis System

APEC Top Tier

Even the whole house reverse osmosis systems for well water won’t usually replace the good minerals that have been stripped out from purified water.

The APEC Top Tier Alkaline pH RO system recognizes the importance of these minerals. It is dedicated to providing you with water that’s safe to drink and nourishing for your body.

If you are looking for a filter that reduces your water’s acidity and softens it, along with the regular filtration, here’s the right match for you.

Reliable pH Enhancement

In addition to removing harmful particulate matter from your drinking water, this RO system is specially designed with a 100% US-made calcium carbonate cartridge to restore your water pH.
The result is ultra-pure water with alkaline qualities and refined taste. Most RO systems that claim to add minerals back into the water have mineral formulations from unknown sources.

That’s not the case with this model, which only uses material sourced from the USA and undergoes the most rigorous quality testing before arriving at your door.

Six Stage Water Filtration

An extra step goes a long way. This filtration process begins with a high-capacity PP sediment filter, which protects and extends the RO membrane and system’s life. It also gets rid of larger particles.

The second and third stages use premium extruded carbon blocks to remove chlorine, taste, odors, and VOCs, among other toxins.

The fourth stage, high rejection TFC, takes away up to 99% of dissolved solids in the water, most of which cannot be seen by the naked eye or under a microscope.

The fifth stage, coconut shell refining carbon filter, enhances the taste, while the sixth stage restores the pH and minerals that were removed during prior stages.

This is what sets the APEC filter apart from competitors.

Eco-Friendly Construction

This RO system is made using only solid-metal framed constructions to prevent leakage in tubing damage and reducing vibrations and noise. It is also psi designed to make securely attach filters while easily replacing them.

Automatic shut off further improves the ease of installation and is a future many appreciate.

Furthermore, this eco-friendly and water-saving design system comes with a premium faucet that can rotate a full 360 degrees, making it suitable for any location.

Why We Love It

This RO system comes equipped with a matching stylish faucet and is manufactured entirely in the US. It also increases your water’s pH, making it ‘softer’ and more alkaline while improving the taste.

Keep In Mind

It has a rather low capacity of under 100 GPD and is a much smaller model. However, it suffices for small households, and with a feed pressure of 40-85 psi, it functions very well.

7. ISpring RCC7 High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System

ISpring RCC7

We’re mentioning another model from the iSpring line for good reason. This model comes with a high-performing 5-step filtration process compliant with the highest environmental and health standards.

If you want a model that you can easily install yourself without any experience, this is your best choice.

Complete 5-Filter Set

Five filtering stages work together to remove over 1,000 contaminants from your drinking water.

The process begins with a PP sediment pre-filter, continues with a GAC and CTO carbon block pre-filters, then finally the RO membrane, which produces 75 GPD bottle-quality water for at least 2-3 years.

Following is an inline post-carbon filter that cleanses the tank of residue for absolute filtration every time. See-through first stage housing also lets you know when to change your filters.

Do It Yourself Installation

You may be surprised to hear this term associated with installing a whole house RO system. Don’t worry.

This model comes with push-to-connect fittings and color-coordinated tubings to make things a lot easier. Also, there are multiple tutorials online to help you get it right and ensure continued maintenance.

Furthermore, a leak stopper will stop water from entering the system when there is excess (due to pressure, etc.). A 2-way feed adapter fits both 1/2” and 3/8” cold water lines and comes as a one-piece design for zero-risk leakage.

Vigorously Tested for Sound Performance

The RCC7 has met all the guidelines to show that it removes up to 99.99% of common and harmful contaminants from municipal and well water. It is manufactured according to NSF/ANSI Standard 58 guidelines, ensuring the highest quality.

Before being shipped out, all systems also go through air and water pressure tests and cycle resistance. Thus, your premium RO system will arrive ready to produce up to 75 gallons of pure water every day.

Why We Love It

One of the more affordable five-stage filtration models come with high-grade and long-lasting filters. It’s also easy to install, and you may be able to do it yourself even without experience.

Keep In Mind

Lower capacity in terms of GPD and slower filtration rate. Requires a storage tank to operate and only handles 40-80psi feed pressure.

8. APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra-Safe Reverse Osmosis System

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage

This premium APEC Top Tier model features five-stage filtration with a high rejection RO membrane, along with a lead-free designer faucet. Food-grade tubing ensures that the water you drink is safe and good for your health. For what it’s worth, you’ll be amazed at how well your new RO system works.

Complete Five-Stage Filtration

While this model’s price is much more affordable than most premium models, it doesn’t cut corners on quality.

The first stage of filtration consists of a premium sediment filter followed by a premium carbon block filter for the second stage.

The third stage is another carbon block, which further removes chemical residues, taste, and odor. The fourth stage is the actual RO filtration stage using a high-rejection membrane that removes up to 99% of numerous contaminants.

The final stage using refining coconut carbon, removes any taste and residues from the tank.

Abundant Features

Don’t let the price fool you. This model is made right here in the US with only the best technology and materials.

It’s designed to last for many years while delivering a max of 50 gallons per day at 60 psi and around 30 gallons per day at 50 psi given optimal temperatures.

Premium carbon filtration lets the system purify water up to 2000 ppm TDS at a 40-85 psi feed water pressure.

You’ll be equally amazed by the high-quality leak-free quick connect fittings that make your best whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system virtually leak-proof.

High Performance, Low Maintenance

In addition to working extremely well, the APEC Top Tier whole house RO ‘workhorse’ system is also straightforward to maintain.

True leak-free fittings protection is guaranteed by the system’s fittings, which come with stainless steel teeth for a tight grip. A patented o-ring also serves as a leak-proof seal.

Why We Love It

Very affordable pricing for a five-stage filter that removes almost all the impurities in your water. It also comes with a stunning faucet and coconut carbon filters.

Keep In Mind

Filtration capacity is a little low, and some people mention needing to permeate pumps to reduce the amount of wastewater generated.

9. Naples Natural 5-Stage RO55 Reverse Osmosis System

Naples Natural 5-Stage

The Naples Natural 5-stage RO system is the most affordable five-stage whole-house reverse osmosis system you can find in the market.

In addition to its eye-catching price, it also offers state-of-the-art filtration, including a 0.0001 micron RO membrane and NSF 58 approved design.

This is a perfect gift to get for someone you care about and, of course, for your own home.

Ultimate Five-Stage Purification

Stage one of this magnificent system involves using a PP sediment filter to trap particles, including rust and calcium carbonate.

The next stage uses another sediment filter with smaller pores to remove VOCs and traces of chlorine. A unique ‘barrier technology’ uses a 100-nanometer wide filter in stage three, which catches 99.9% of all bacteria, pesticides, and harsh chemicals.

The most astonishing thing about this system is its stage four 1/100-nanometer wide RO membrane filter, which is said to block everything but water molecules. Stage five finishes it off with a ‘polishing’ carbon filter to make what you drink even better than bottled water.

Optional Additions and Upgrades

Another useful feature of this model is its modifiability using add-ons and upgrades. Choose from alkaline mineral filters that restore beneficial minerals and increase the pH of your drinking water.

Or try adding an ultraviolet purifying UV system, which puts an end to anything living in your water and even the tiniest viral particles.

Adheres to Strictest Standards

The Naples Natural RO system has been certified to meet all NSF 58 for reverse osmosis systems.

Products are tested every five years to ensure they continue meeting the utmost standards set by health protection agencies and customers.

Why We Love It

Awesome pricing for exceptional five-stage filtering and crisp-tasting water. Extremely low-maintenance and do-it-yourself installation. Can upgrade with alkaline or UV filtration.

Keep In Mind

Lower filtration rate but perfect for smaller homes. Nothing to complain about with this handy model.

10. Reverse Osmosis Revolution 3-Stage Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis Revolution

The Reverse Osmosis Revolution filter runs using a high-grade three-stage process similar to an actual RO process.

It leaves your drinking water un-adulterated by sediments, particulate matter, and harmful chemicals.

Built-in the USA, this whole-house system’s filters are both conveniently replaceable and work with finesse.

Three Stage Filtration

The three-stage filtration process (which comes with an additional three filters) begins with a premium quick-connected five-micron sediment filter. This removes dust, dirt, silt, and other particles.
The next stage, using a premium 10” GAC filter, removes chlorine, VOCs, and the most minute chemical compounds. The third stage, a 10” premium CTO carbon block filter, further cleanses the water VOCs and industrial waste.

On/Off Valves for Easy Filter Replacement

The on/off valves built-in with this system are something many users are glad to have. Now, shutting off water during the initial installation as well as during filter exchange will be effortless.

While it’s a small addition, it allows for cleaner filter changes as well as lower maintenance. This may very well be the best whole house water filter on the market at this price.

Improves Water Taste and Quality

This filtration system is awesome when it comes to working water pressure, as it can easily handle a feed pressure of 20 to 100 psi. Filters can be replaced every three months to maintain optimal flow rate and uphold performance.

Why We Love It

Premium activated carbon filter and amazing price for a high-performing product.

Keep In Mind

Not actually an RO system since it doesn’t have the necessary RO membrane. Works great as an inline filter.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answered

Why is it so important to have a five-stage filtration process with at least three pre-filter stages? Why not just use the RO membrane?

Not only is it essential to use the sediment and carbon pre-filters before the RO membrane, but it is also crucial to replace them promptly.

Most pre-filters last around six to twelve months, for instance, and need to be replaced immediately following their lifespan.

The reason is that even traces of free chlorine can destroy the RO membrane and thereby ruin your whole system. Not changing the filters on time defeats the whole purpose of having an RO system.

What is the major difference between an RO and an inline filter system?

Both these systems have their pros and cons. However, if your water needs a considerable fix, an RO system is most advisable.

While inline filter systems only improve the taste and reduce the odor, they don’t address the actual problem.

An RO system removes around 99.5% of small harmful particles.


We’re thrilled to have shared our top picks with you and hope we’ve helped you find and select the best whole-house reverse osmosis water filtration system.

Before we go, we’d like to draw your attention back to the WECO HydroSense system, which is our absolute favorite due to its system of electric pressure boosters, UV sanitizer, and extremely high-quality carbon filters. In fact, we’ll go so far as to say it’s a perfect whole house reverse osmosis system for well water and city water alike.

If budget is a matter of concern, the iSpring RCS5T also gives you a complete five-stage RO filtration process at one of the most affordable prices you’ll find anywhere.

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